• So you broke your jaw, huh?

    by Mitchell Joe

    So you broke your jaw, huh? That sucks. I broke mine too. Also sucks. As I write this, my jaw is wired shut. I have to eat dinner through a straw. Breakfast and lunch too. For a while. I don’t mind too much. I’m just glad it wasn’t any worse and of course I’m hoping for a complete recovery.

    I created this site to gather together the information that I’ve found helpful during my recovery. As you searched around the Internet, you probably discovered that a LOT of people have broken their jaws. So you’re not the only one. Welcome to this reluctant club. If you have anything to add from your experiences, please add it to the Comments section on an appropriate page. It won’t appear right away because I have to approve it. I don’t let it automatically approve because there’s so much spam out there. If you don’t see your comment show up within a day or two, please email me. Thanks.

    Good luck. You poor thing.


    PS – As of April 27, 2013, my jaw is wired shut and I’m recovering and adding things to this site. If you know of an article or blog that you’d like to suggest to me, please email it me. Thanks.

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