• Food: What to Eat with a Broken Jaw

    by Mitchell Joe

    Smoothies are great. But so is fried chicken. And I have eaten both through a straw.

    Once you’ve had your fill of fruit smoothies and milkshakes, you’ll probably start to crave something more substantial. And that’s where your blender comes in.

    You can eat pretty much anything by adding liquid to it and blending it up.

    Liquids I Liked to Blend Food With

    • water
    • milk
    • chicken broth

    I discovered that many things that we naturally think of as soft foods (like smoothies, soup, etc.) are good blended and sucked up through a straw but that there are also a lot of foods that we think of as solid (like fried chicken) that are also very tasty when taken through a straw. Don’t get me wrong, my preferred way of eating fried chicken is with my hands and  my teeth, but if through a straw is the only way I can eat fried chicken, well, then, that’s how I’ll have it.

    Here are some of my favorite meals to eat while recovering from a broken jaw.

    Favorite Foods on a Liquefied Diet

    • fried chicken with ranch dressing (and water)
    • chicken pot pie (and water)
    • warm chocolate chip cookies and milk
    • beef tacos with sour cream (and water)
    • scrambled eggs with cheese and chicken broth (Try a triple cream brie. Delice is delicious.)
    • yogurt, fruit, and water (I usually had blueberries and pineapple mixed with blueberry yogurt and water or blackberry yogurt and water)
    • pizza (Pepperoni was pretty good. Chicken was good. Thin crust is better than thick.)
    • chicken Caesar salad
    • cookies and cream milkshake
    • chocolate ice cream bars
    • split pea soup with bacon
    • brussels sprouts, chicken broth, salami, liverwurst, smoked gouda cheese (Sounds disgusting, I know, but I swear it gives split pea soup with bacon a run for its money!)
    • loaded baked potato soup (Safeway’s is pretty good.)

    And wherever there’s best, there’s worst. Some foods gave me trouble. Maybe if I had been more patient and blended them longer they would have worked but I didn’t have good luck with the following foods.

    Worst Foods on a Liquefied Diet

    • fish
    • broccoli
    • leafy greens like spinach and kale
    • strawberries (because the seeds didn’t break down)
    • roast beef (the little pieces of fat didn’t break down)
    • potato chips (they blend okay but all of the fun is lost)

    Here are some recipes for broken jaw food from fellow jawbreaker Ellen.

    Add your favorite foods below!

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