• Surgery – Arch Bars

    by Mitchell Joe

    If your fracture is really bad, then I think you probably get rushed to the hospital for surgery right away. My uncle broke his jaw playing baseball when he was younger (19 years old) by running to second base and colliding with the second baseman. He had surgery the same day. My fracture was apparently not an emergency, and I had surgery 9 days after my motor scooter crash. I was told that having surgery 7-10 days after (or even up to 2 weeks after) the injury is acceptable.

    My surgery seemed to be somewhat of a routine procedure for them. It only took 1.5 – 2 hours. I had general anesthesia and woke up feeling okay except for my throat hurt, which was apparently from a breathing tube that they stick down your throat while they install the arch bars. I’m not complaining. Air in exchange for a sore throat sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    I was happy that my face seemed straighter. I’m still not sure if it’s totally straight. My left cheek (the side of the fracture) is slightly fuller than my right cheek. Maybe it’s swelling, but as I write this, it is 2 weeks after the operation.

    After the surgery, my dad drove me home. You can’t drive yourself after the operation because of the anesthesia.

    I remember being surprised that I couldn’t really feel the wires that were wrapped around my teeth holding the arch bars in place. They are still in my mouth right now. It doesn’t even feel as bad as a piece of popcorn.

    Here’s a link to an Australian site that describes what to expect.


    If you would like to share your story of your surgery getting arch bars, please do so below. If you had a different surgery, then let me know and I can start a new page for the type of jaw surgery that you had.

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